Corporate Social Responsibility

Johnford, as one of the leading manufacturers of custom-made machine tools in Taiwan, has been dedicated not only to making the best-quality and performance machines, but also to being a responsible corporation. Annually we hold a blood donation event in our company. Besides, we have always been committed to scrupulous waste control in our factories. We care about the environment not only for the better life, but also for the sake of our mother Earth.

Customers matter to us, and so does the community and society

  • Sustainability
    As a leading metalworking manufacturer, we abide by the protocol in waste control implemented by the government. Mother nature provides us with great resources; therefore, we should cherish it and give back in return.
  • Philanthropy
    Not only do we care for our customers, we care for everyone in our community, especially the disadvantaged groups. That is the reason why we have been keeping contact with Eden Social Welfare Foundation to which our employees are encouraged to donate money every year.
  • Blood donation
    Human life matters. As a result, biannually blood donation is held by Taiwan Blood Services Foundation. Every employee is strongly encouraged to make blood donation in order to assist those in need.