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  • ITEM / MODEL SL-35-2S
    Swing over bed (mm) Ø400(Ø15.7")
    Swing over cross slide (mm) Ø280(Ø11")
    Chuck size (inch) 8
    Bar capacity (mm) Ø51(Ø2")
    Spindle nose A2-6
    Spindle bore (mm) Ø66(Ø2.6")
    Spindle  transmission One step
    Spindle speed (rpm) 4500
    Spindle motor (kW) 9 / 11
    Spindle bearing diameter (mm) Ø100(Ø3.9")
    Sub-spindle chuck size (inch) 6
    Sub-spindle bar capacity (mm) Ø42(Ø1.7")
    Sub-spindle nose A2-5
    Sub-spindle bore (mm) Ø 55(Ø2.2")
    Sub-spindle speed step One step
    Sub-spindle speed (rpm) 6000
    Sub-spindle motor (kW) 5.5 / 7.5
    Sub-spindle bearing diameter (mm) Ø85(Ø3.3")
    No. of tools 12
    Cross travel (X-axis) (mm) 155(6.1")
    Y-axis travel (mm) -
    Longitudinal travel (Z1/ Z2- axis) (mm) 400(15.7")
    Rapid traverse (X1/ Y/ Z1/ Z2) (m / min) 16 / - / 20 / 24
    Servo motor (X-axis) (kW) 1.6
    Servo motor (Y-axis) (kW) -
    Servo motor (Z1/ Z2-axis) (kW) 1.6/3
    Power turret motor (Y-axis) (kW) -
    Bed Inclination 45°
    Weight (kg) 5000(11000 lb)
    Machine Dimensions(mm) - WxH 1670 x 1750(65.7"x68.9")
    Machine Dimensions(mm) - L 3933(154.8")

    ※ All data subject to change without notice.
    ※ All the specifications are listed with the FANUC CNC system.


    • Coolant system
    • Splash guard
    • Through hole 3-jaw chuck
    • Programmable hydwaulic tailstock (for SL-35/50/65/70/80/100/120)
    • Hydraulic tailstock quill (for SL-20/30/40/40L)
    • Chain type chip conveyor
    • Tool box and various manuals
    • Tool holders (direct mounting type)
    • Auto lubrication with alarm
    • LED working lamp
    • Type of guide ways: box ways
    • FANNC 0iTD controller


    • C-axis (C . S axis with angle encoder but no gearbox / C.F axis with gearbox)
    • C+Y-axis
    • Contact tool setting system (Renishaw TS-20 or BLUM NT-A2 / NT-A3 )
    • Parts catcher
    • Tool holders (VDI type)
    • Programmable hydraulic tailstock (for SL-20/30/40/40L)
    • Bar feeder interface (or bar feeder)
    • 2 step auto gearbox (for SL-20/30/35/40/40L)
    • Rotary tailstock
    • Angle encoder for C-axis